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Linen Care

  • Unfold your linens completely before washing.
  • For the first time, better linen wash separately in cold water using regular (non-bleach) detergent. After the initial washing, you can wash with similar colours in warm water, if necessary. Keep in mind that 100% pure linen fabric after first washing shrinks about 7%. Prewashed items won’t shrink anymore!
  • Do not overload the machine and use plenty of water because linen absorbs water very well. Wash with a gentle cycle or hand wash.
  • You can use higher temperature for the touch stain removal, however, temperature should not exceed 40°C (104°F) for colored linens and 60°C (140°F) for pure white linens as it can affect fabric strength and elasticity.
  • Use a mild soap. We recommend using only a small amount of natural detergent. Never use chlorine bleaches to avoid damage to the fiber.
  • Whether hand or machine washing, be sure to rinse the linen item completely in lots of water to remove all soap, detergent and residual soil. This will help to avoid formation of “age spots“ which are caused by oxidation of cellulose – linens primary component.
  • If possible, after washing, line-dry or dry flat, it is best for linen and the environment.
  • Never tumble dry linen as this can over-dry the fibers and makes ironing more difficult. Dry it at the room temperature, preferably outdoors, avoiding direct sunlight. Linen naturally dries quickly anyway.
  • Press with a hot iron while damp (best the inside of the fabric). If it’s completely dry, you may also dampen linen with a fine mist before pressing. Remember, pure linen can withstand the highest temperature settings (200°C – 392°F). Steam helps to avoid burning.
  • Remove stains while still fresh. If allowed to set, stains may be hard, if not impossible, to remove at a later date.

For stains, try the following:

  • Ink: Soak in milk, or in soap-and-ammonia mixture, and rub the spot.
  • Blood: Rinse immediately in cold water.
  • Fruit, coffee, tea and chocolate: Rub with alcohol, white vinegar and ammonia.