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About us

egLinen is a manufacturer (based in Lithuania) of a high quality linen clothes and home textile. To our customers we offer outstanding quality sewed and knitted linen products. We have 20 years working with linen experience and have gathered an experienced staff. The company is highly focused on high quality production, excellent service and prompt delivery. We sell our products all over the world and have developed long lasting partnerships with our clients. Our key focus is private label manufacturing for small and medium size stores and chains. However thanks to our flexible work specifics we also make individual orders for private customers from our own designs. We offer our own labeled design or help other designers to realize their ideas!

To our customers we provide the following services:

  • creating the design;
  • preparing product samples and patterns according to clients technical drawings / sketches;
  • production of sewed and knitted linen clothes and home textile;
  • searching for high quality linen fabrics and yarns in Lithuania.

We stand out from other manufacturers, because we work only with pre-washed and pre-softened fabrics to make sure that the final garment won’t shrink any more after the first wash.
Retail wholesale and custom orders are available.